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Who We Are
We are a private entrepreneurial equity firm.

We do more than just invest in new ideas. Our philosophy is use our collective business and management expertise to propel businesses to the next level. We are committed to the sustained growth of our partner companies.


What We Do
We bring ideas to life.

We take ideas and turn them into lucrative business opportunities. We immerse our business expertise into different elements of a business, including financial planning, marketing, and operations.


Why Us
We have a track record of success.

KP Capital Partners has taken ideas never seen before in industries from construction to to real estate, and turned them into successful businesses. We know the challenges a new business faces, and our years of experience have lent insight into the best solutions for growing a sustainable business.

Building Relationships

  • We perform a full business analysis to understand strengths and challenges
  • We find areas for improvement and create strategies to address them
  • We implement technology and software that streamlines business tasks
  • We market and brand your business so that it stands out from the crowd
  • We work with our partners across industries to ensure your business experiences steady growth and success
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